How We Got Started:

With all the pet food recalls and the dangerous treats coming from overseas, I knew my Sasha and Taz deserved something safer and tastier. I started playing around with healthy ingredients and started baking their treats. Seeing how much my furry kids loved the treats, I decided I should start offering a healthy, tasty treat for all pet parents. Thus Lovin’ Tails was born. Lovin’ Tails uses only quality ingredients that not only your pet could eat but so could the pet parent! We do not put any ingredients in our treats that you can’t pronounce. We only use USA products in our treats, absolutely nothing imported goes into our treats. Our treats are baked daily and without any preservatives and must be stored in the refrigerator. Expect when you open your refrigerator, your dog will come running! This seems to be a common "complaint" from our customers!